REGARD project report

  • Amaratunga, D., Malalgoda, C., Haigh, R., Jayakody, C., Senanayake, A., Fernando, N., Hamza, M., Liyanage, C., Lill, I. & Witt, E. (2022). A built environment perspective on post-disaster and conflict-induced displacement. A report of the REGARD project: Rebuilding after Displacement. ISBN: 978-1-86218-208-0 


International Symposium Proceedings


Journal papers

  • Hamza, M. (2021). Refugees’ Integration in the Built Environment: The Sweden Case. Sustainability, 13(22), 12812. ISSN 2071-1050
  • Senanayake, A., Fernando, N. Wasana, M., Amaratunga,D., Haigh, R., Malalgoda, C. & Jayakody, C.  (2021) Landslide induced displacement and relocation options: A case study of owner driven settings in Sri Lanka. Sustainability, ISSN 2071-1050
  • Jayakody,C., Malalgoda, C., Amaratunga, D., Haigh, R. (2021) Addressing Housing Needs of the Displaced People Promoting Resilient and Sustainable Communities. International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (IJDRBE), (In Press)
  • Amaratunga, D., Haigh, R., Jayakody C. & Malalgoda, C. , (2020) Rebuilding after Forced Displacement, The Built Environment Journal, RICS Journals.
  • Fernando, N., Senanayake, A., Amaratunga, D., Haigh, R., Jayakody, C. (2020). Impact of the disaster-induced relocation process on the displaced communities in Kegalle district, Sri Lanka. European Scientific Journal, ESJ, 16(39), 33.


Book chapters

  • Jayakody, C., Malalgoda, C., Amaratunga, D. Haigh, , Liyanage,  C., Witt, E., Hamza, M. & Fernando,. N. (2021).  Role of the Built Environment in Rebuilding Displaced and Host Communities. In Amaratunga, D., Haigh, R. & Dias, N. (Ed.) (2021). Multi-Hazard Early Warning and Disaster Risks, pp. 69-92. Springer, Cham.


Policy Brief

  • Malalgoda, C., Amaratunga, D., Haigh, R., Senanayeke, A. & Jayakody, C. (2022), Policy recommendation on rebuilding communities: University of Huddersfield.


Conference papers

  • Fernando, N., Senanayake, A., Amaratunga, D., Haigh, R., Malalgoda, C., & Jayakody, R. R. J. C. (2020, October). Disaster, Displacement and Relocation: An analysis of the needs and policy implications on a displaced community in Sri Lanka. In 10th International conference on Structural Engineering and Construction Management: Special Session on Disaster Risk Reduction (pp. 128-145). University of Peradeniya.


Published Abstracts

  • R.J.C Jayakody, C. Malalgoda, D. Amaratunga, R. Haigh, (2020) Needs of the Communities Following Disaster and Conflict-Induced Mass Displacements in the Perspective of the Built Environment and the REGARD project Poster, 9th International conference on Building resilience (ICBR), Bali, Indonesia, 13th–15thJanuary 2020
  • R.J.C Jayakody, C. Malalgoda, D. Amaratunga, R. Haigh, (2019) Develop Competencies in Rebuilding Communities after Displacement: The Perspective of the Built Environment, ASCENT Festival: International Conference on Capacity Building for Research and Innovation in Disaster Resilience, University of Moratuwa & University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, 14th-18thJanuary 2019.
  • R.J.C Jayakody, C. Malalgoda, D. Amaratunga, R. Haigh, (2019) Community needs of host and displaced communities following a disaster and conflict-induced mass displacements: a review of literature, DwD-GCRF-UKADR-DRG-UKCDR International Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, 17th-19thJuly 2019.


REGARD project brief


Publications in progress

  • Journal Paper:R.J.C Jayakody, C. Malalgoda, D. Amaratunga, R. Haigh, C. L.iyanage, E. Witt, M. Hamza, and N. Fernando,. (2022) Approaches to strengthen the Social Cohesion between Displaced and Host Communities. Sustainability, ISSN 2071-1050. (Submitted/under consideration)
  • Edited Book: Hamza, D. Amaratunga, R.Haigh, C. Malagoda, C. Jayakody (Eds) Rebuilding Communities after Displacement - Sustainable and Resilience Approaches, (2022) Springer Nature.


Regard Project
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