REGARD Stakeholder Seminar disseminated findings of Output 1; Community Needs Analysis

The stakeholder seminar was held in the Estonian capital Tallinn on the 13th September 2019 to disseminate the findings of first Output of the project which is a Community Needs Analysis of displaced and host communities in the perspective of the built environment. The event was organized by the Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. There were 27 participants including representatives of built environment professional bodies, disaster management practitioners, academics, policymakers, built environment professionals in Estonia and the representatives from the project consortium. The stakeholder seminar was conducted to achieve three mains objectives as follows.
1. To disseminate the findings of Community Need Analysis of Displaced and Host Communities in the perspective of the built environment,
2. To obtain the suggestions and recommendations of the stakeholders on the importance, relevance and applicability of the findings
3. To refine and validate the findings of Community Need Analysis.

The event was featured with a keynote presentation from Mr. Tiit Meren, Hospital of reconstructive Surgery, Estonia. Prof. Richards Haigh, University of Huddersfield, UK introduced the REGARD project to the stakeholders. Prof. Champika Liyanage, University of Central Lancashire, UK and Dr Nishara Fernando, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka presented the findings of Community Need Analysis. Subsequently, Dr Emlyn Witt, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia chaired the discussion and feedback session involving all the participants. Accordingly, delegates valued the key knowledge uncovered by the project and discussed practicality, ways and means to incorporate the findings to the context.
Regard Project
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