REGARD will achieve the aim of the project which is ‘to develop competencies in rebuilding communities following disaster and conflict induced mass displacements from the perspective of the built environment’ by delivering 10 intellectual outputs as follows
Output 1: A community needs analysis
Output Title: A community needs analysis following disaster and conflict induced mass displacements in the perspective of built environment

Output Lead: University of Central Lancashire, UK


The intellectual output 1 produced a community needs analysis identifying the needs of the host and displaced communities following disaster and conflict induced mass displacements. The novelty of this output is it first informs the community needs of displaced and host in the global context in general terms, however without limiting to the general terms in specific terms, the output explores a countrywide Need Assessment on Disaster and Conflict Induced Displacement and Relocation in the four participating countries namely, United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia and Sri Lanka. Another aspect of the innovation of this output is the built environment perspective of the study. Most of the need analysis can be conducted in different perspectives, varying from social perspective, economic perspective and so on. This community need analysis is conducted in built environment perspective which is a novel approach to the field of study. This community need analysis will also inform the competency framework that will be developed at a later stage of the project, in identifying the competencies required for BE professionals to address the needs of the host and displaced communities. Further, this novel research finding will ultimately inform the policy in rebuilding communities within the process of this research project.

Output 2: A synthesis report on the role of the built environment
Output 3: A guidance note with recommendations on best practices
Output 4: Competency framework
Output 5: Training courses: MOOCs
Output 6: Course Handbook and training materials (OERs)
Output 7: Professional competence audit
Output 8: Policy report for built environment professional bodies
Output 9: Academic papers
Output 10: A journal special issue
Regard Project
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